Wednesday Wineblogging

Yes, it's Thursday but I'm blogging again and this is my place so deal with it.

Went down to Bauer hoping I might find a Black Cap or something equally rare--Bauer is one of the best places around Boston for rare Oregon pinots.

No such luck. It appears the economy has gotten Bauer to downscale slightly; consequently staying away from smaller producers. I wonder what the market is like for those $2 Mil houses around Dundee these days.

Pondering those houses, what caught my eye was a cute little bottle of Bergström's Broadley vineyard. And because it's been a while since my last sip of Josh's finest, and the price was right ($29), I brought it back to JP.

Yum. This hot little '05 is as much a virgin now as she was when she first debuted in Nov., '06 during that notoriously promiscuous open-house orgy held a couple of weekends before Thanksgiving. I can only dream of those days now that I live here. The wine is still very young with lots of exuberant energy, almost too much for an old guy like me to handle. I think I pulled a vine twig out of my teeth just now. It's vibrant with hints of the soft Western Oregon air popping out from its bouquet amidst Douglas Fir, rain, and all the great qualities one has come to expect from Bergström over the years. As my tongue caressed her soft yet slightly sour cherry, I knew I had to have more. MOAR!

She was gentle to the end, yet knew what she wanted out of me all along. I almost would have felt taken advantage by her had I not been in the grip of ecstasy throughout this wonderful experience, mesmerized by the smooth finish--"maybe we can hang out again sometime"--hours after the used covering had been discarded in the recylcing bin.