Dear David Williams

Hahaha. You're funny:
"This government is so out of whack with what the priorities are that this actually makes sense that we'd be wasting money on a condom study rather than the real problems facing the country," said David Williams, vice president for policy at Citizens Against Government Waste, which tracks wasteful spending in the federal budget.

For American men -- many of whom have already undergone years of awkward sex ed in the care of gym teachers -- the study might not offer much of a boost, Williams said.

"Are they going to hand out the study and are people going to go, 'Ohhh ... I'm going to do things differently this time?'" he asked, noting that the private sector was successfully handling issues related to erectile dysfunction.

"I don't think they should have any delusions of grandeur that what they're doing is going to change behavior and that it's really going to fundamentally change the way men and women get together."
May I suggest you learn a little about the NIH's scientific review process before you comment on it? Or maybe 15 years at CAGW has made you and your target audience a bit...childish?



[Adding...] There are many reasons besides snickering about condoms disguised as policy critique why David Williams is a wanker, the peer review process in which this grant competed against a large number of other grants and was determined to be worthy of funding being just one. I suspect the other is that if a grant has currently been funded, it must have been submitted before the Obama stimulus and the Obama budget. In other words, it was funded by Bush budget money.