Cash for clunkers

The heh does his usual snort over big government, inefficiencies, blah blah, not ever catching the true absurdity of the article:
Dale Skreen, left, of Loretto, took a last look at his 1993 Ford F-150 pickup truck before he drove away in his 2009 Ford F-150 XLT pickup. Salesman Adam Notsch helped Skreen get a federal rebate in the Cash for Clunkers program.
One of the aims of the "cash for clunkers" program is to put people into more fuel efficient vehicles. This guy traded in a 1993 F150, getting anywhere between 12 and 15 mpg for a 2009 F150 getting anywhere between 12 and 15 mpg, and the dealership gave him the cash-for-clunkers money they didn't have from the federal government yet. Honestly, neither the customer nor the dealer deserve any money for essentially trying to cheat the system.