May the force be with you

Senator Byrd is Darth Vader:
Though injured, like Darth Vader at the end of "Return Of The Jedi," he will have the strength to intercede as Emperor Obama slowly chokes the life out of a young warrior named Manchin. The irony of Byrd pitching the emperor down a reactor shaft or some such with a deciding Senate vote against cap and trade should not be lost.

"Help us Robert C. Byrd; you're our only hope."

It would be a fitting final act for our greatest senator, showing he's not with the party but with the people and their family budgets, selfless to the end, with nothing to lose and doing the right thing for West Virginia.

Of course later, while we all celebrate with the Ewoks our short-term win over those who would end our way of life, we'd see the senator again, as we want to remember him. A little younger, maybe playing that fiddle in a life-like hologram like at the end of the movie. He might be surrounded by other heroes of our past. Arthur Boreman, Stonewall Jackson, whomever floats your boat.
Vote against cap-and-trade. Then you're allowed to die. Nice.