Arroyo Chico

I vote crappy.
Arroyo Chico means Small Wash not the Spanish translation for bike path.
Arroyo Chico is the name of the bike path not the Spanish translation.
Just like Palo Verde is the name of a street, the sign does not mean you’re about to enter into a Green Stick, or Tanque Verde means you’re driving on a Green Tank.
The Rio Nuevo project was simply named Rio Nuevo it does not mean people working for Rio Nuevo are working for the New River. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anybody suffering because the name of the project is in Spanish.
The sign in question is simply the name of a bike path not a sign informing people in Spanish first and THEN in English.
I’m yet to find a sign in town that says “Cuidado con el hielo en el puente” and underneath “Watch for ice on bridge.”
[From the comments.]