Conservatives and Climategate

Why, one might ask, are conservatives so opposed to energy efficiency? This Metafilter comment, though maybe a little over-the-top, is probably not far from the truth:
Y'know why the GOP is so officially freaked out about climate change?

Two reasons.

One-- they didn't think of publicizing it first. It took Al Gore to really bring it to the forefront, and omygodhewastheVPwhenCLINTON!!!!11!11!!waspresident! Al Gore could go full-birther mode, and the right-wing lunatics would say "oh, maybe we don't really need to see a birth certificate". If Reagan had come out against foreign oil imports during the time that the Cold War was raging, the Chevy Volt would be twenty-year-old technology by now.

Two-- they're getting fucked over by reality and the current administration is completely outplaying them. The equivalent of tax breaks in order to make your house more energy efficient. That is the fucking pinnacle of fiscal conservatism. Tax breaks! TAX MOTHERFUCKING BREAKS! And the "socialist administration" is doing it! Meanwhile, people may say "oh, it's really cold outside it can't be global warming" when even deep down they realize that the weather has gotten way harsher more recently and they don't know why. People know something is up; that's why you don't have centrists resoundingly condemning this.

I say, let the fucking teabag party go all "HURR DURR MANBEARPIG CLIMATEGATE". When fiscally conservative mom-and-pop-Heartland go out and get a rebate from the Obama administration for making their house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, they'll remember when it comes time to vote.

Plus, the unintentional self-derision that is Conservapedia.