Let's say...

...the suicide note had talked about the evils of mountaintop removal and clear-cutting and SUVs and ended with something about the ELF creed. I'm guessing then he'd be called a terrorist.

...adding: Atrios just posted this. Brown has two years before his re-election (Kennedy was up for re-election in 2012). Presumably in the first year, he'll act as the 41st "no" vote for anything that is dealt with by the Senate. His second year, however, should be interesting. He could either say eff-it and run for President, or vote for for federal goodies for MA thereby alienating the tea-partiers, or stick with the Republican/tea party line thereby alienating the majority of MA voters who aren't tea-partiers. In making a statement like this, he offers us a glimpse into his persona, and thus makes it appear as though he'll go with the tea-partiers. Good luck with that, Brownie!