Remember the big weatherization scandal yesterday in the blogosphere?
The GAO report cites figures from September 2009 -- almost five months out of date. Since then, we have resolved Davis-Bacon wage issues in all 50 states, clarified how states should handle historic preservation and worked with states to resolve any remaining barriers. As a result, by the end of 2009, our programs had weatherized about 124,000 homes in total, and we are on track to weatherize more than 250,000 this year. In fact, since September 2009, we have tripled the pace of Recovery Act funded home weatherization. The report also erroneously implies that our goal was to weatherize 593,000 homes in 2009. That is wrong. The goal has been to weatherize that number by March 2012, and we are on track to meet that goal.
Another thing I found weird was that they basically take the fact that only $522 million of the stimulus money has been spent on weatherization thus far, divide it by the 9000 homes that have been weatherized and come up with $57,362 per home.

Thing is, much of the early stimulus money designated for weatherization has been spent on low income housing and low income housing usually isn't single-family housing. So I wonder what is meant by 9000 homes. Searched around the internet a little yesterday but couldn't figure it out.

Either way, stupid LATimes blog post.