Wind Energy Stimulus

I think ABC News and Chuck Schumer might be missing the point.
New Wind Farms in the U.S. Do Not Bring Jobs
Millions Have Been Invested in Wind Farms, but That Hasn't Brought Jobs
As the article points out later, the reason windmills have been bought from foreign companies is that there isn't much of an industry here in the US. Yet.

The list of companies producing wind turbines by installed megawatts follows:
1. Vestas (Denmark) 35,000 MW
2. Enercon (Germany) 19,000 MW
3. Gamesa (Spain) 16,000 MW
4. GE Energy (Germany / United States) 15,000 MW
5. Siemens (Denmark / Germany) 8,800 MW
6. Suzlon (India) 6,000MW
7. Nordex (Germany) 5,400 MW
8. Acciona (Spain) 4,300 MW
9. REpower (Germany) 3,000 MW
10. Goldwind (China) 2,889 MW
Notice that the countries listed in the top 5--Germany, Denmark, Spain--have made extensive investments in their wind industries over many years. The other two countries, China and India--and the list might need to be updated since GE Energy recently built a manufacturing facility in China--have both claimed that they have vast wind reserves that they intend to tap. In other words, manufacturing moves to countries that actively pursue wind energy. Thus, these stimulus funds should be thought of not as the end result of failed policy, but the start of a public commitment to wind which will bring these manufacturing facilities back to the US.