FOX News is destroying the global economy

and fattening Al Gore:
News Corp. Meets Carbon Neutral Goal, Looks for Next Challenge

And, according to this report, they did so by partaking in a number of conservative no-nos: changing the light bulbs, installing PV solar panels and buying carbon credits.
Making News Corp.'s operations more efficient will save the company millions of dollars, Murdoch wrote. Just consolidating its data centers will save News Corp. $20 million a year and reduce related emissions by 15 percent once fully implemented.
The investments in energy efficiency yield an average of $180 per ton of carbon avoided, according to Liba Rubenstein, the company's global energy initiative director. That can add up when you consider that News Corp.'s absolute emissions in fiscal year 2010 were 2 percent lower than 2006 levels, and 9 percent lower than peak emissions in 2008. [...]

"Even with global energy initiative in place and the strong business case, the reason it took so long to get the project going is because the numbers were too good," Rubenstein said. "No one in finance could really believe an investment of that scale could pay off so quickly."
Presumably this is in part because News Corp operates in countries that already have cap-and-trade systems, like Great Britain, and countries it believes (or believed) will soon have those, like the US. A lot of companies have already done their energy efficiency calculations in anticipation of cap-and-trade, I suspect, and were just waiting for Congress to pass it.