Green jobs aren't "real"

And only King COAL provides real jobs.

Ehh...maybe not.
For the study, Ochs analysts looked at the projections and final actual jobs from the six largest new plants that began operations between 2005 and 2009. They were in Nebraska, Texas, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

Key findings include:

• For every 100 new construction jobs promised, just over half, 56 percent, were realized.

• In four of the six counties where new plants were built, coal plant construction projected 6,370 jobs and delivered just 1,730 jobs— just over 27 percent.

• In all six counties, jobs declined during construction, suggesting that many new jobs were going to workers coming from outside the county.

The study says the nature of coal plant construction makes it possible that much of a plant’s $1 billion-plus investment will “leak” out of its host economy because labor and materials are specialized and often imported.

“It is possible that employment impacts will be minimal — or even negative,” the report states.