Finger length correlation

Strangely, this article--though not really related to anything in this post--reminds me of a late night in a Beijing hotel bar and a conversation I had with a "lady of the night". No more information about the incident required, 'cept that it ended with me going to my room...alone!

"In their study, they found there were no correlations between finger lengths and people who are prone to exhibit verbally aggressive, angry, or hostile behaviors, but there was to physically aggressive behavior."

Finger length...correlates with...well, uh, other length...OK, you get the picture.

In other news, if Iraq didn't get your testosterone flowing, maybe Syria and Iran will! Come to think of it, are Wolfie's meaty, grubbing fingers (or his meager income) small enough to be the world's spokesman for the poor?

Yowzers! This post just keeps getting better and better! Check William Campbell Douglass, M.D.. He'll teach you "to make your body immune to CANCER, HEART ATTACKS, JOINT PAIN, FLU, COLDS and DEADLY DISEASE in ways that would make our misinformed 'health authorities' whine for a week..." Yes! How 'bout gunshots? Or short fingers? Well, according to the doc: "Testosterone, not estrogen , is the hormone that keeps your heart strong." Hmmh, how're Dick and Frank doin' these days? Just fine, I'm sure! Occupy another country, drill the next oilfield: keep the ole ticker going!