Mark's the man!

There's something about the guy--beyond the fact that he's married to Mona--that's a'ight! Like the week before, our guest seemed to magically gravitate towards the coeruleii first in this week's drinking liberally, and since coeruleus (SWM) monopolized the conversation with the dude this week, and we (SWM/SWF) feel guilty for failing to post a non-satirical post last week, here's the scoop, no satire:

The guy's got his heart in the right place, the first thing he brought up when I asked him what he's working on these days was the ballot measure on the environment, which tore at the heartstrings of both coeruleii. Coming from tree-hugging Oregon, we would have liked to have some more detail, but generally, we feel that's OK for now since he displayed significant intellectual curiosity on the subject: and that's the key, he was willing to listen. Other areas of interest for Mark include re-invigoration of NE Philly and supporting SEPTA.